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Travel Bucket List – Philippines Edition

27 Nov

It has always been a dream of mine to have a travel blog because that would mean I’m actually doing some real traveling. Another dream of mine is to be a solo traveller, you know…for that drama effect. Haha! Right now, I can only content myself with making bucket lists and stalking airline companies for special promos. Eventually, I’d want to travel the world, but it has come to my attention that I do live in a very beautiful country. Poverty and political drama aside, the Philippines is such a wonderful place to be in.

Here are some of my dream destinations around the country:

1. Coron, Palawan
“The most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen” -according to a friend…well, I’m utterly convinced!


2. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
-The T’boli tribes are one of the main dwellers of this area and would you just look at that beautiful lake?! 


3. Vigan, Ilocos Sur
-I’ve always wanted to try that Ilocos Empanada and to also “transport back in time.”

4. Hinatuan River, Surigao del Sur
-This river is so deep, the water is blue. Also, no one has ever successfully managed to find out where the source of this river is. 

Image5. Batanes
-I want to go to the Honesty Cafe, take jump shots in the grassy fields with the grazing cows, and to pretend to be Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music. 


6. Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon
-It’s an inactive volcano and the fourth highest mountain in the country. 

7. Hanging Coffins, Sagada
-This is still being practiced today, but for a very high fee, because being buried in this manner is of great honor.

8. Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao Province
-It’s the 8th wonder of the world!!!…enough said.

9. Sarangani
-Think beautiful white sand beaches sans the capitalism. 

10. Bongao Peak, Tawi-Tawi
-I just want to go to the most far flung corner of the country to Bongao Peak which is actually a sacred mountain for the locals…and I’m very interested in Tawi-Tawi ever since I met a friend who is part of an indigenous tribe here.

(images c/o Google search)


Hong Kong 2012

13 May

Last year, I went to Hong Kong with my mom and dad a week before the finals for the 1st semester. I left as if I did not have finals and oral exams to study for! Of course, it’s always worth it if it meant traveling! Here’s a long overdue post on my trip last year. Strangely enough, my family and I visited Hong Kong last month wherein we got to visit the same sights.

My trip to Hong Kong was actually planned and it wasn’t something that just popped out of nowhere. I definitely knew that I had finals the week after. When we got there, we didn’t have an actual itinerary, but we did have those free travel brochures you can pick up in the airport. We were only to stay in Hong Kong for 2 days, and we didn’t want to do the usual routine of Disneyland + Shopping. In the end, we chose to go to Ngong Ping via cable car to see the Giant Buddha. It was also our first time to commute around Hong Kong since we never really got the chance to study the MTR system in our past visits due. We usually book a set tour, so that doesn’t really leave us much choice when it comes to planning an itinerary.

Now, here are some photos of our trip from Day 1, when we first arrived, up to Day 2 when we made our way to Ngong Ping Village.


Day 1

Just a quick photo before going off to see Hong Kong before it gets too late!





Mongkok Station



—-end of Day 1—-

Day 2


We commuted all the way to Tung Chung from our hotel which happens to be at the edge of Kowloon! 


Here’s mom and dad posing outside the Citygate outlet in Tung Chung. We got to take a look inside and the mall is huge and it looked like a cool place to hang out in. 



We were burning daylight so we hurried to the Cable Car station where an extremely long line was waiting for us. Apparently, it was the day of the Chinese Moon Festival, so a lot of people were on holiday.



The “Tian Tan Buddha” or the Giant Buddha as seen from our cable car ride. 


Ngong Ping Village!





A view of the Giant Buddha from the bottom. The statue is 34 meters high and it was only erected in 1993. With regards to the stairs, it has 268 steps…just enough to make one dead tired after a long commute across Hong Kong.


….getting a little bit closer now! 



This is one of the 6 smaller statues surrounding the Big Buddha. The six statues are actually in kneeling poses while offering  flowers, incense, fruit…etc. These offerings symbolize charity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation, and wisdom, all of which are necessary to enter into nirvana. Cool…right? 


Mom and Dad peering over the walls surrounding the Big Buddha. 



There is a actually a small room inside the Big Buddha, but we had a to pay a fee to have a look inside…that day, we didn’t feel like paying! 


A view from the top! It’s quite high up…but not too much!


Feeling dazed from all that walking…

26 27I spotted this really fluffy dog napping on a bench, and as soon it started to stir, I took photos of it….hmmph, I should have taken photos while it was still sleeping! It just looked so fluffy and adorable. 

—-end of Day 2—-

So that was pretty much how our short trip went. After our visit in Ngong Ping, we had to endure another long line at the cable car station and then off we went to Tsim Sha Tsui for some usual Hong Kong shopping. This trip was particularly exciting for me because it was the first time we ever did anything adventurous. For one thing, we got to learn how to ride the train…and we got to get out of staying with a tour so we could explore Hong Kong ourselves!