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This is not my grad photo!

1 Dec


As the title suggests, this is not a photo from my official grad pictorial. This is simply a humble (lawl) ootd via iPhone. My grad pictorial was delayed by a month, so it’s taking me a while to get in on the grad pic display photo bandwagon on facebook. Yes, I too need to have this sense of belonging regardless of how mainstream it is.

Today is the first day of December and I cannot help but notice my massive lack of excitement for the future. Just to be clear, I’m not being pessimistic about it either. This is one of those times wherein I just don’t exactly know where I am in the happiness or in the indifference meter. I’ve heard that thinking too much about the future or the past isn’t exactly healthy. Actually, over-thinking in general is not healthy. Kung Fu Panda says that the present is called the present because it is a gift. To ease my mind of any uncertainties, I shall take Kung Fu Panda’s advice.

PS: I’ll finally be getting my grad photo taken this coming Monday…I do hope that this iPhone photo doesn’t turn out better than my official photo -_-


Strange Facts About Myself

13 May

I know everyone is strange and unique…but really, would you do or like at least a quarter of the things on my list? 

-I own a lot of scented candles. 

-I own a lot of incense and light it up before I sleep and after I wake up….and no, I’m not Buddhist nor do I pray with incense! haha

-I have a lot of shoes and clothes that I haven’t worn yet </3 

-I have more classical music than “regular” music.

-I play classical music as my soundtrack for everything.

-I am always unaware of the latest bands…because I’m not very much into bands. 

– I never watch T.V. 

-I’m addicted to Post-its.

-I love cheese…my favorite kind is Brie. 

-I love watching old films and foreign movies. 

-I always spend too much money on food because I can’t cook and I don’t eat fast food. 

-I arrange my closet twice a week.

-I clean up my place twice a week.

-I have romantic dinners by myself.

-Shopping time is sacred “me time”…so company isn’t always welcome 😛 

-I’m not a fan of fashion trends, but I do love dressing up everyday. I usually go with one style and stick to it…almost indefinitely. 

-I never go out without wearing perfume or at least a bit of make-up.

-I never brush my hair. 

-Children aren’t cute. 

-I dislike humans. 

So, how strange are you? 😀