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Time Warp

21 Nov

Best viewed bottom-up.


Derek tried to make me cheat on my diet.

Went on a magical trip!


Went home to Bacolod.


Took non-haggard selfies after finals week.


Crying because…finals week.


I started this attempt at healthy living during the middle of the semester.


Performing in my last Rhythm in Blue Concert with CADs.

2013-09-18 01.15.44

Birthday Cake

2013-09-17 20.53.56

Birthday dinner with my actual sister, Vi.

2013-09-17 12.52.13

Birthday selfie with my twin, Ms P.

2013-08-04 10.37.22

At my first ever Acting Workshop with Ms. TA president, LiaLiaLiaF.

2013-08-01 19.30.47

One of those 3-hour COA CB meetings with Axel and Elise.

2013-07-29 13.50.54-2

My new roommate and high school classmate, Pat E!

2013-07-28 20.37.25
Ethnic photo shoot with Kyle so-pogi-and-straight Tingzon.

Yayyy Senior year!!! I look fat in this photo…ugh.


Strange Facts About Myself

13 May

I know everyone is strange and unique…but really, would you do or like at least a quarter of the things on my list? 

-I own a lot of scented candles. 

-I own a lot of incense and light it up before I sleep and after I wake up….and no, I’m not Buddhist nor do I pray with incense! haha

-I have a lot of shoes and clothes that I haven’t worn yet </3 

-I have more classical music than “regular” music.

-I play classical music as my soundtrack for everything.

-I am always unaware of the latest bands…because I’m not very much into bands. 

– I never watch T.V. 

-I’m addicted to Post-its.

-I love cheese…my favorite kind is Brie. 

-I love watching old films and foreign movies. 

-I always spend too much money on food because I can’t cook and I don’t eat fast food. 

-I arrange my closet twice a week.

-I clean up my place twice a week.

-I have romantic dinners by myself.

-Shopping time is sacred “me time”…so company isn’t always welcome 😛 

-I’m not a fan of fashion trends, but I do love dressing up everyday. I usually go with one style and stick to it…almost indefinitely. 

-I never go out without wearing perfume or at least a bit of make-up.

-I never brush my hair. 

-Children aren’t cute. 

-I dislike humans. 

So, how strange are you? 😀 


Not dead at all….

15 Jan

Oh wow….It’s been a looooong while since I’ve updated this blog. In fact, “a while”, is such an understatement! hahaha To my dear friends who like keeping track of my life through this blog  *wink2x *  I am going to fill you in with some significant happenings through photos from where I left off………
 CADS Jazz in Blue Christmas gig…..hahahahaha I can’t really explain why we were in sporty attires…don’t we look like a legit varsity?!!


Apart from performing in Blue Christmas, I was also a docu team member….and taking pictures of hyperactive kids totally drained me! ahahahahaha! Although, you don’t really see me taking photos here….


One project comes after another, and here I am now in PACisama wherein I was logistics head. haha.

 A picture of me with the Sec.-Gen. ExTeam……haha so supportive! I lofff those people! 🙂

hahaha These two people deserve a mention! Meet May and Ivy! Nothing would have been possible without them in this team!

Making “chos” of myself……hahaha. You see, LOG work doesn’t end during the show…..

With Ech and Bee, my awesome roommates who are also part of PACisama’s core team.

The AWESOME core team of PACisama 2011. Oh gad. Those guise are tha bomb. SWEAR.


I should also mention how I’ve been attending more Sec.-Gen. meetings….which means I can take part of the obligatory cam-whoring session after!

So yah, this is the Sec-Gen ExTeam who fondly call themselves “The Fish Fillet Team”….thus the fishy pose in the “aquarium.”

CADS Christmas Tea-Hee Party…..Yeah, meet CADS! I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

With Ech and Erika…..Josh and Bee are missing….hahaha!

This photo is awesome because Chuckie and I are both wearing yellow…and we have mustaches!

Being gay with Erika, who already left for her JTA sem 😦

Finally….Christmas break came…..’twas a season of many many reunions, feasting, and parties!
GK reunion…..packing goods….oh yeah

Oh yes, that is a bowling alley….and yes, I bowled. Believe it.


It was also debut season……

 With my dear 5″7 sister…….Viola.

 Candid shot of my best friend and I at debut #1.

Here I am again with best friend at debut #2….hers! Meet Danelle!

…being an awkward for the 18 candles


Next, I’m featuring inexplicably awkward photos that actually have some sort of significance to my Christmas break but can’t truly expound why.


So…..that’s it for now!!! Hope I can update more often now, though I highly doubt that since I’ll be a having a very hectic 2nd sem with all that……..shiz.

PS: I have new blog title and I think it’s very funny. So yes, laugh with me!!!