Time Warp

21 Nov

Best viewed bottom-up.


Derek tried to make me cheat on my diet.

Went on a magical trip!


Went home to Bacolod.


Took non-haggard selfies after finals week.


Crying because…finals week.


I started this attempt at healthy living during the middle of the semester.


Performing in my last Rhythm in Blue Concert with CADs.

2013-09-18 01.15.44

Birthday Cake

2013-09-17 20.53.56

Birthday dinner with my actual sister, Vi.

2013-09-17 12.52.13

Birthday selfie with my twin, Ms P.

2013-08-04 10.37.22

At my first ever Acting Workshop with Ms. TA president, LiaLiaLiaF.

2013-08-01 19.30.47

One of those 3-hour COA CB meetings with Axel and Elise.

2013-07-29 13.50.54-2

My new roommate and high school classmate, Pat E!

2013-07-28 20.37.25
Ethnic photo shoot with Kyle so-pogi-and-straight Tingzon.

Yayyy Senior year!!! I look fat in this photo…ugh.


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