Sleeping Fox

29 Dec


Oh look, a sleeping fox rubbing its ears….haha….yeah, I’m so creative with my words right now. It’s only been a day since I last updated this blog and I think I’ve got it going for me…not.

Ah well…time is really slow in the province and there is only so much one could do around here. I haven’t been seeing daylight for 3 days now simply because I’m reclusive and clingy to this room. My pajamas are starting to feel like second skin already. I’ve been meaning to put an end to that so I think I’m going to step out today and go take a drive for no reason at all. Well…I’ve also been thinking of buying some paint and some new brushes for my old ones are nowhere to be found. I’ve also been thinking of varnishing my paintings to preserve it and give them that glossy shine that’s just fun to look at…haha….I heard it brings out the colors more. Now, what’s really surprising here is me going out for a drive. I’ve been avoiding driving like it’s the plague ever since I got my official driver’s license. I don’t know why…but I just like the idea of having people do things for me. Ugh, I know that sounds so elitist. Also, I’m not really much of a good driver! haha…oh excuses. I assure you, I won’t kill myself. Oh don’t go judging me either….I’m pretty sure you all have newbie driver stories of shame where you go…”Oh cool ten points!” each time you hit a fire hydrant because you think the road is your real life video game. …..hahahaha…….

Wish me luck?


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