Green and White

17 May

I slept the whole day. Woke up at 5 pm…and this is what I wore…..


Blank face then half-smiling face. I call that the fashion blogger/lookbook expression. haha! Sometimes, I feel absolutely rotten for making too much fun of this certain blogger wannabe who suddenly got his 15 minutes of infamy. I sort of thought of taking a fashown photo because of him. Also, everyday, I take outfit shots using Photo Booth just so I can say that even my Photo Booth photos are better than his blog posts. *cry* I’m such a judger.

Here’s my take on that marker pose. (I think you should have guessed who I’m talking about…..bwaharharhar) This photo was taken with Photo Booth btw…

Oh!….And did you notice that I was wearing flatforms?!! haha Oh nothing…I just have a newfound appreciation for it. I never thought that I’d actually come into terms with that style. It’s like the more laid back version of heels, but not really. Ah well…whatever. I’m not a fashion blogger anyway, so I’m just going to say that flatforms are cool to me now!


One Response to “Green and White”

  1. Dana Marquez May 17, 2012 at 3:19 am #

    I think I have the same curtains in my room. Hi, Ning! 🙂

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