26 Apr


The number one tip for photographers when it comes to showcasing their work is that they should only show their best shots. Paintings aren’t much different. As for this painting I did, I can’t say it is one of my best works. I kind of regret adding the lavender details at the sides. I was supposed to do that trick where you add rock salt on a wet painting and patterns will come out. What happened was that the salt just melted along with the wet paint. Perhaps I did it wrong…I’m not so certain, but I wold definitely try again!

My inspiration for this particular work is Kate Moss. It’s this photo I found somewhere in Vogue. The image really got stuck in my head that I just had to paint it. Of course, I don’t want to just replicate an image, I wanted to give my own take with it…so I added the lavender details….

People have had differing opinions on this from my own. I thought that this was a failure whereas others say it’s not. What do you think?


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