Summer Rains and Foggy Lenses

5 Apr

No, I’m not trying to sound hipster with the title. Those things did happen!

So, my sister forced me to accompany her on an outing to the mountains. She had to force me because I was feeling lazy and tired since I just came back from Manila. Also, she had another friend of mine come along just to convince me. Since I’m nice, I agreed anyway.

The day started out okay, although, I did not approve of several things…..which fortunately doesn’t include the place! Now would you look at that!!! :

Now, now…I wouldn’t disclose all the details why most parts of the day were horrible….I’m trying to send out good vibes here! When you’re in a dreary position in a beautiful location…..why not take pictures?! …That we did!


Here’s a photo of my sister slipping in one of the rocks while we were crossing a stream…..HAHA!

So, here is a photo of me not knowing how to cross a stream!

Foxface behind the hot spring…or rather boiling spring!

We were all nice and dry….
…until..there was a sudden downpour while we were sightseeing!!! We had to seek shelter in some random person’s cottage. When we realized that the rain just wouldn’t stop, we felt it was best if we made a run for it!



When it started raining, we were carrying our valuables with us and that includes our camera! Since we were all soaked anyway (camera included), we decided to take pictures in the rain. Don’t worry, a camera is only in deep shit if you drop it in a lake or something, but some downpour doesn’t really do much. It just fogs up your lens! In fairness, it lent our photos a dreamy quality!

Moral lesson: Leave your camera in the rain. (KIDDING!)



Here’s our personal photographer for the day! Meet Fritz and his black swan-inspired tattoo. Don’t worry, he’s not bad-ass…’s actually henna!



So yeah, this was how I spent the first few days in Bacolod…..that was before all sorts of ailments attacked me, and now I’m just confined to my room and to eating non-solid food :((((((((

Till next time! 😀



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