Holga 135 BC

19 Mar

Let me show you some legit lomo photos taken with an Holga 135BC…..no, it’s not freakin Instagram

Although Instagram may replicate the effects, nothing beats the authentic errors of a plastic film camera!
It’s been a while since I’ve used a film camera….so I definitely need more practice!


Most lomo cameras use 120 mm films, while my Holga uses a 35 mm film. I deliberately chose this 35mm film camera because buying film for it is cheaper. Besides, this model is also able to deliver that faded, dreamy look and some crazy vignetting. Basically, it does what a 120 mm format Holga does. It’s actually been a while since I’ve touched this camera. My camera is actually getting quite rusty. I’ve had it since I was in high school and I rarely took it out ever since I entered college. This was uncovered in the deep corners of my desk some nights ago, and I started tinkering with it again. Shockingly, there was still some film installed, so I snapped it all away…excited to see what photos have I been taking the last time I held this camera. The element of surprise is something that I really miss when it comes to film cameras. Film processing had me wait for 3 days before my shots could be delivered. Yup, I got my photos printed in Digiprint, and they just mail your prints to you! The best part is, you can have your photos transferred to a CD already! Amazing! I just hate how I have to wait for 3 days, when some years ago, it only took an hour :/

Oh well….you can now bet that I’m addicted to lomography again!


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