I really miss photography…

6 Feb

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything new with photography. haha. You might think I just wasted money on a 7D and a 24-70 lens, but don’t worry…I actually use it for events and for documenting org stuff. It’s just sad that I don’t do anything artsy/creative with them. To make myself feel not so upset about my dry spell with creative photography, I’m sharing with you guys some long overdue photos from past shoots.


Daniel Velasco and Lorraine Sandel:

Leila (my creepy doll):

Lola Leonila:

(This is funny because I was named after my lola, and I’ve been told that I totally resemble her…this is creepy considering she died before I was even born)

Homicidal Lolita Cosplay:

(Yes, from the dark ages when I was openly otaku…)

That’s it for now. Hopefully, I can update my blog with more photos and not posts about my latest lipstick splurge (…which is totally unhealthy for my pocket btw….)

Thank you so much to the very adorable Sonya for inspiring me to post more pics on my blog. haha! I really enjoyed that spontaneous dinner date in Teriyaki Boy! xD

Also, I update my Flickr more than I update my blog…so do check that out *points to links at sidebar* …and also, I do own a Behance account. So please, check that out as well, although I’ve only uploaded one album *slaps self*



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