Furry things amuse me.

24 Jan

Why hello guys! It’s me again, and I would like to present to you this fur bag!!! This fur bag totally made my day, simply because it is made of fur. I actually have an affinity for furry and feathery things. I can’t really explain why, but I just do! xD

Before I move on, this bag isn’t mine! hahaha It’s actually belongs to Khim, my awesome blockmate/twin.

So there, that’s me with the actual owner of the bag…..hahaha! Yes, she murdered her cats and turned them into this very bag!

Oh gahd. Even my hair could be a part of this bag!

Here’s a closer look at the bag….
Yeah, I cropped my face out because I had an annoying expression and even I wanted to slap myself. hihihi.

I would also like you to meet, Wok.

Khim and Wok…..

Wok and I trying to do fashown poses…at least, I was. hahahaha!

Oh look! We have church pews outside our classroom…..god knows why…

…..and lastly, my signature move…..

The obligatory hair flip photo!


 It’s a bit of flop, but I’d like to call this an “artistic shot.”


That’s it for now! :3



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