A Sheep on my Sweater

1 Nov

It’s as if I couldn’t get any gayer than I already am…. I went and bought this orange sweater with a fleeced sheep in the middle! haha! I found this sweater while thrift shopping with Kitty here in Bacolod! I also got to buy other gay-looking tops along with this gay sweater. Kitty also got to haul some sweaters here for very good prices :>



This picture is quite blurry….and it isn’t even an artistic blur….haha



Also, I’d like you guys to meet Chase, our new puppy. I don’t know what breed he is, but her sure is very fuzzy…..like the sheep on my sweater!

Wait…..that’s a very blurry picture of Chase…..I was shaking/bullying him.


I’m so evil to animals and people…..well, only to foolish people and fuzzy animals.


Doesn’t he look like a stuffed toy? hehe….I actually mistook Chase for a stuffed toy when I first saw him!


-Till next time!

PS: I am still not ready for reality/Manila/school yet!!!!

Credits to Viola, my bony sister, for trying to take my pictures…..hehe I lav you.


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