Interesting Nudes

28 Oct

Being a Fine Arts major, we get to examine and report on artworks a lot. It could be quite boring for some, but somehow it totally piqued my interest. I’ve never really been a big fan of classical, modern an postmodern works of anything at all! I know it’s quite ironic of me not to be thoroughly particular with regards to art and all its categories. With our FA classes, I suddenly found an appreciation with regards to art elements and its history. Those readings seem like a daunting and incredibly boring task at first, but I soon find myself immersed in reading about famous pieces. This then led me to comb through blogs and websites with hard to find artworks, particularly paintings. It seems like those black and white handouts weren’t enough. Contrary to what my prof believes, I always listen in class. I may have my laptop in front of me, but I google larger scale versions of the artwork being reported on….the LCD projector is really crappy and the room isn’t exactly conducive for projectors.

With all the googling I’ve been doing for artworks, I’m able to stumble upon lesser known modern and classical artists. They’re not exactly unpopular, rather they’re not as famous as say, Picasso, Dürer or Cézanne. Browsing through these artists’ works feels like the hipster scene of the art world!

Nude paintings just astound me…particularly ones with the female form. These are some works I’ve picked out all over the web. They’re very interesting because most of them show nudity in mundane moments. It’s just the way these scenes are depicted that makes it not-so-ordinary. I just love how women are so romanticized.

Laura Knight (1877-1970)

Vladislav Nagornov (1974)

Vladimir Gusev (1957)

William Henry Bartlett (1858-1934)

Andrzej Malinowski (1947)



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