A Day at the Beach

26 Oct





Think white sands, clear sky and blue waters……no it’s not bora…..

Last week, Kitty and some of Isa’s block mates, Mike, Miguel and Steph went to Bacolod. So yeah, we toured them around and gave them a taste of Bacolod’s specialties. For their second day, we went to Lakawon resort in Cadiz. The island is very isolated and very peaceful. It is quite popular among the locals, but somehow there were only a few people on the beach….not that we’re complaining! To be honest, it was my first time there. Yeah, yeah….shoot me. I’m not exactly a beach person…..in fact, I’m not exactly a water person. I hate getting tan and getting soaked. Okay, for a well-advertised place, it doesn’t look very commercial at all. It has this very relaxed and natural ambiance. There’s practically no civilization on this island….except for some local tourists and some caretakers. It’s actually perfect for that whole pilgrimage with nature type of trip. Sorry, no partying here….except maybe your own!

What I love about his place is that there are no jelly fish……just tons of star fish! haha. So yeah, you could just swim around and not worry about getting stung. If you happen to find yourself packing up for Lakawon, might I suggest you bring your own food because apparently, service takes forever!

I highly recommend having an overnight trip here…it’s such a shame we were only there for one afternoon.

….and, Oh yes, I got reaaaaaally dark by the end of the day.

Let me share some pictures from our day trip….



L-R: Isa, Mike, Miguel, Kitty, Stef

What we played while waiting for our chicken to be cooked…..

Sandcastle-building!….It was quite a fail though!

 Starfish! We spent the whole afternoon swimming around for them.



 The fruit of our labor…..After all that starfishing, we decided to bury Mike and use the star fish as decors.


 Freakin sunset was covered by freakin clouds. Sad….light couldn’t even go past the clouds since they were too overcast 😦

The sky finally cleared up, but the sun was down already. Well hey…..check out the lovely blue waters!



Give me a call if you want to schedule your inasal-cooking and beach trip to Bacolod! :>







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