C’est moi….je suis en vie!

12 Oct

Why yes, this is me…I’m alive! hahaha

Yup, I’m not dead. I’m dying, but not dead. I know I haven’t been a good mother to my baby blog. I should have been taking care of it, but I didn’t…this is why I’m a bad mommy. I’m quite surprised to still have 4 views. To those 4 kind-hearted souls, bless you!

I’m quite disappointed in myself for not being able to commit to writing. Gah. I’ve been trying to focus on acads, but that doesn’t mean I should totally ignore this bébé of mine.

 Je ne veux pas d’étudie


    Je ne suis pas drôle  -_______-  Yes, I’m not funny.

Je suis si fatigué

Seriously, I don’t know what to do anymore……arrgh.


Just a while ago, there’s this annoying guy who kept on whistling Moves Like Jagger. This annoyed me and my blockmates a lot and judging from the expression of other people, they were pissed off as well! I mean, HELLoooo, we’re trying to study here! Just so we’d get our message across, we played Moves Like Jagger on my laptop. haha. That put him on silent.


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