New Camera x Lens!

26 Jul

Say hello to my new bébés! Mr. EOS 7d and Ms. 24-70 mm. Such a lovely couple! :3

I don’t really bring up that I am actually getting an upgrade, because I wasn’t so certain I’m seriously getting one! I’ve been reading this Canon brochure for over a year while deliberating on which lens and body to splurge on. I stalked photography blogs and weblogs on Youtube. See, this purchase was very well thought of way before the parents gave the go signal. Of course, I wasn’t expecting.

*le sigh*  I’ve been thinking for so long why my parents support me so much :’-)

FYI: I never pushed my parents to do anything. I even declined (TRUE THIS!!!) because I felt so undeserving and all….(see, I have goodness in me). Okay, they insisted and…who wouldn’t say no?  Ergo, I’m just one lucky and loved child.

I initially wanted the 5d Mark II, but it seems like the only difference it has with the 7d is that it can shoot 24 frames per second. Meanwhile, the 7d could only shoot 8 f p/s. Also, Mark II has 21 mgp while 7d has only 17 mgp. Thinking about it, I don’t really need those features! Besides, 8 f p/s is really fast! As for the resolution, I don’t really use the highest one unless it’s for a legit shoot, and it’s not like I’m shooting billboards!  So there!

I truly needed an upgrade, because I felt that my old 1000d can’t deliver what I want anymore (i.e faster shutter speed). Don’t get me wrong, a 1000d is a pretty decent dslr already (under pleasant conditions of course…sufficient light!). In terms of flexibility, for me, it’s not. I felt limited, and it seems like I exhausted all its capabilities.Besides, how the hell would it carry the weight of a huge ass lens with its little body (yup, even with a battery pack). Come to think of it, a small body for a dslr is undesirable if you plan on using a variety of lenses. haha. Yeah, we got along pretty well, and even in the most undesirable conditions, we made it work although I had to constantly tweak the settings. We had a good life together, and I guess it’s time to move on!

Now, with meh new children, a new journey unfolds! With the 7d’s wider range of features, and the 24-70’s bulk (it’s heavier than the body itself!)….it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Just so you know, 24-70 mm is my dream lens because it’s an all around zoom lens that is capable of giving AWZM bokeh at 2.8 f. Could you tell how ecstatic I am about this?!


Soon, we are going get along so well just as well as I did with my 1000d.

It’s too big and heavy, and my wrists will hurt. Plus, it’s hard to hold it with the hood….but, it’s okay 🙂

This actually feels like carrying a sword because of the weight….only thing is I shoot people.

homg. Confusing/misleading last statements!



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