Nothing to Lose, but Everything to Gain

28 Jun

When I entered college, I was never keen on having a hectic schedule with extra-curriculars. I wanted to focus on academics (never happened! haha) and bum around. Yep, I actually wanted to bum around during my free time. I’ve been busy with dancing and school for the most part of my life, and I wanted to take a break and probably do something else. Funny thing is…it never happened. For some reason, the universe still wanted me to keep on dancing. During Recweek, I reluctantly signed up for the Company of Ateneo Dancers. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to grow in other aspects. A year has passed, and here I am, an active member of CADS Jazz. It’s amazing how, as a dancer, you simply can’t live without dance. Even if dancing takes most of my free time, I’ve somehow managed to throw in a couple more non-dancing activities such as photography and painting. I mean, if you really want to do something then you really can. As for my personal growth, CADS truly helped a lot with regards to time management and everything in between.

The start is never easy since you’re in a new environment…you know, being a freshie and all that. Little did I know that being a part of an org could ease that burden for you because you are able to meet amazing people who’d soon be close to your heart! <—flowery language…ick!  So yes…I am thankful to actually get my lazy butt to pass the final auditions and be a part of this awesome org which totally gave more meaning to my college life.


I am forever grateful to that fateful day when I actually signed up for this org which led me to meet these people whom I’d love very dearly!

(that was a mouthful…haha)

If you want to be a part of this awesome family…Join CADS!

(Chromazone) Recweek 2011, June 27-July 1, 9 am-4:30 pm…MVP Roofdeck

Also…Please check out CADS Jazz’s official tumblr:


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