I want a room with a view…

24 Jun

…..because, I have no windows in my room. Okay, so it does have windows, but where’s the view?

Anyway, that’s not the point….hehe

I’ve only made it to the 2nd week of school, and somehow, I’ve been learning a lot of valuable lessons with regards to college life…or perhaps…life in general. The first week of school should be a breeze, but not for someone with tons of extra-curriculars. It’s good to know as early as now that juggling several commitments is too much for me. When I do something, I must give my one hundred percent. It wouldn’t be a hundred if I had to divide the percentage with other tasks. I am not happy with that because I feel like I’m doing things half-assedly. If this goes on, I might not only neglect my tasks, but also my studies! haha…And, I just learned how to juggle my academics with dancing last year. I just have to remember that it’s quality over quantity.

Another lesson for me to note is doing something I don’t enjoy makes me feel horrible! When I don’t like what I’m doing, I don’t do well in it…plus, I get really really unhappy. Enough said.

I now feel so sorry for the people I’ve acted all crabby at :3

I just wanted to do a lot of things so that I’d feel like I’m worthy of something. Then again, I just realize that it isn’t true.

I really miss blogging! I haven’t been able to update in days because there’s too much stuff going on! I’ve been itching to read, sew, take artistic photographs and paint, but I never really got around to it.



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