C’est la vie

14 Jun

Bonjour Mon Amie!

If you’re wondering, what’s up with all that French?….well, I had my first French class earlier and  apparently, I enjoyed it! hahha

Not being able to go online for a week, is driving me nuts! I simply can’t live without internet in my life. On the plus side, I’ve been having more time to practice my watercolor painting. My Fine Arts prof told us that watercolor is the hardest painting technique. Sure, it’s for beginners, but water is simply hard to control. I don’t think that’s the case for me. I for one dislike oil and acrylics. They’re messy and it’s a waste of paint. With watercolor painting, I usually spend an average of 30 minutes painting, and I only use minimal paint. The only thing is that cold-pressed paper is heartbreakingly expensive!

Well, I have to dash now! I have class in a bit! I’ll be sure to show off my latest paintings soon! Can I just say…I’ve done 4 paintings in the past 48 hours! hahaha….yabang! Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of weeds that look like wheat which I took during a shoot!

Au revoir!



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