Wasting my time before school starts

11 Jun



I’ve been preoccupied with some stuff for the past few days. It’s funny because school didn’t even start yet! You see, I’ve been busy preparing for our jazz dance that was performed during the first day of Orsem, but I’ll get back to that as soon as I get my hands on those pictures and videos! :3

For most people, it’s time to bid summer farewell, but for me, summer never existed. Actually, it really isn’t that bad because I still got to do the things I wanted. It’s just that, I never really had time to rest. Then again, I’m actually a very tireless person…

School is going to start next week, and I’m psyched! I even bought all my school supplies 2 weeks ahead. I’m also psyched for the incoming freshies! All these new things going on for them is very exciting to watch.

I’m finally getting a taste of the Fine Arts this semester with FA 101 and FA 165.1. Actually, it doesn’t really sound exciting, but hey, I’m having major subjects now….so yeah. Also, I’m postponing my history class till next semester because I ran out of slots, and there’s no way I’m getting this bitch prof. For now, I’m going to advance my Foreign Languages in French.  Yay! I’ve never been this excited for school.

Here’s to hoping for another awesome school year! :3





I’m loving my new carpet vest. I call it a carpet vest because its pattern looks like it came from a carpet. haha!

Those glasses are my un-hipster glasses. They’re not fully-rimmed, so please do not call them hipster!

My favorite bag for this moment is this old Dooney and Bourke sling bag I found lying around. I wouldn’t call it vintage because it was produced during the 80’s…then again, items from the 80’s and older are now considered vintage. It’s exactly like those newer models sold in stores like Topshop, Zara….etc.  It’s funny how, like history, fashion repeats itself!




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