Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.

4 Jun

That’s great advice right there from Ted Mosby’s mom….

The reason for that is…I’m about to post retarded looking photos…..

I need to sleep, but I can’t…then again, I don’t mind because I could sleep in later!

Now, behold some people from orsem jazz…….hehe…(I regret to not have included the other team members because they were preoccupied with something, and I couldn’t continue this vanity because I was due for enlistment…BV…consider this a teaser! bwahaha)

KabarCADS* pose…..courtesy of our beloved Kitty Quoi. That girl invented this pose as CADS’ own jeje pose. There were violent reactions to that, yet it somehow caught on. Now, we consider ourselves jeje. (lol the last sentence is a lie…I think)

*Company of Ateneo Dancers

Our signature poses: Bee is being cute, Tin’s a monkey, and I’m just being AZN.

 Obligatory peace sign?

Bwehehehe CADS Jazz. I love these people! I’ve been spending most of my time with them, and it never gets boring….EVER! There’s sabaw-ness everywhere…everyday. We’ve been training for the whole summer, and we’re now preparing for our ORSEM piece to be performed to the Ateneo freshies. I’m super excited, yet scared at the same time. I really really like love our piece even if it’s deadly! hehe….We created a monster, but I love our monster. It’s a beautiful monster :3   (Oh god, that’s the lack of oxygen speaking)

To all incoming freshies out there, get ready for your next flight! lol…The theme for orsem this year is entitled, Lipad. So yes, get ready to fly!!!!…and we are ready to assist you 😉





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