1 Jun

I’m really uncreative when it comes to naming posts…..Does anyone have an idea on creating titles? Even my blog name is lame….yeah, I think it’s lame 😦


My 5:15 pm flight has been moved to 6:45pm. Now, I’m like….my flight’s delayed for more than an hour…geez, that sucks. I guess it’s the perfect time for me to post some backlog photos.

Remember Faye from this post?

Well, here are some of her photos I failed to post…..

This shoot was very much inspired by my ball-jointed doll, Leila. Whose photos you can find here. Don’t you think Faye and Leila look alike? They both have this melancholic look. Also, I’ve mentioned before that Faye looks very doll-like, and she’s very fun to work with! She’s even willing to sacrifice for me by posing near a dengue-infested stream. Just so you know, she didn’t get sick! xD

I guess…this is it for now. Time check: It’s still 6:30…. 😦 Next time, I’m going to talk about my blogroll and why I think they’re cool!

Oh wait, this just in….Our flight’s been moved to 7:00 ….WTH AIRPHIL?!

This is weird, but a guy in front of me is reading my blog….I’m creeped out, and I thought only my mom was stalking me. xD



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