The Girl in Mint Green Dress Speaks

29 May

When I really want something, I do whatever it takes to get it. Why hold back?

People may talk and try to bring you down, but who cares? What’s important is that you could still carry yourself. No stopping right there…

I am quite certain that there would be more people trying to bring me down than helping me up. I should know. Although, this doesn’t mean that I have no trust in people.

Listening to naysayers is totally lame. Let them be. It’s not like they’d get any cuter saying/thinking nasty stuff about you.

Recently, I’ve come into terms with myself, and I’ve learned to trust myself more. There’s no holding back now.

Who would trust you if you don’t even trust in yourself? That’s one thing I learned this year!…

You sow what you reap. This is why I dream big. Yep, each day….I can’t even sleep trying to plot my plans for world domination.

It’s a long way off, but I know I’d get there.

There are things that aren’t meant for you, but most of the time…you really just have to work extra hard.


About the dress, I bought it in one of Rockwell’s bazaars. It’s a reconstructed vintage dress from Pretty and Perfect Closet. I was really happy when I got the dress since it came in my current favorite color, mint green. The seller told me that their dresses are actually vintage clothes owned by her relatives. I think it’s a pretty neat idea to make a business out of it. Apart from that, she also sells unique vintage sunglasses. By unique and vintage, I really do mean legit vintage and truly unique. I bought a pair of cat-eye shades which I’ll post real soon.

The shoes are a pair of Melissas. I totally fell in love with it despite the daunting heel height. It totally screamed Marie Antoinette when I saw it. The shade of pink is very dainty, and I love how unique the platform heel looks. I also like how surprisingly comfy they are! PVC shoes are very much unique in itself. Plus, it’s washable! That’s very good news right there if it gets dirty. I have a feeling this wouldn’t be my only pair.


This will be it for now! While I’m still on my way “there”….I’m just going to be here obsessing about fashion…for now!

xoxo  <—-yak! feeling gossip girl!



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