These boxes are my friends.

26 May

Someone’s excited to move out.

A fail shot because the thing that I was sitting on caved in……thus this awkward look. haha

Here, I finally got to pose with my balikbayan boxes….haha…ready to be transported to UD! I’m pretty excited since Bee is going to be my roomie!!!!! :3

Summer classes are over, and I could finally get my peace of mind….for a week! 😐

You must be probably wondering why the hell am I wearing these unreasonable shoes if I was just packing my things….well, I’m also going home to Bacolod that same day! You see, I need to take most of my stuff home and these heels couldn’t fit in the bag, so I just had to wear it to the airport! I might as well share that it was a horrible idea! hahaha. I had some trouble during check-in, and I had to wait by the counter for several minutes….standing up! <—-you know what I mean

Plus, I should not forget my heavy laptop and camera bag plus purse! Urrrrgh. So heavy….it’s added weight for my feet to bear! My arms seemed to handle everything well thanks to CADS Jazz summer training! I didn’t even notice that my luggage was already 17 kg (eff! over-baggaged by 2 kg).

I’m excited and happy to stay home even for just a week! I miss having people to turn to and do stuff for me! bwahahaha.



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