#make-up review

14 May

Introducing….the greatest mascara in the world…

  Majolica Majorca is a lower-end make-up line by Shiseido. The brand is targeted at the youth market with its cute packaging and affordable prices.

I’ve stumbled upon this brand after leafing through Japanese magazines such as Popteen (dare I say, I can’t read Japanese..hehe). I was intrigued by the brand, and it’s been getting some rave reviews there. I also figured, since it’s under Shiseido, it’s got to be good right? To make things easier, SM department store started carrying this line, so I decided to go check it out. I also heard that their mascara is the best in the market. I wonder if it really lives up to the hype.

There were two kinds of mascara being sold, one was the lengthening one and the other was the volumizing one. The lady at the counter suggested that I get the volumizing one since my lashes were already long. I must admit, it was love at first swipe for me! It ended up that I looked like I was wearing falsies with just two swipes. Volumizing mascara’s usually come with a comb-like wand. There are two sides to that wand: a wide-toothed comb, and a comb with smaller teeth. I used the smaller toothed side to add volume to my lashes. Afterwards, if I find any clumps, I remove it with the wide-toothed side.

At a price of 795 php, this mascara is totally worth it. It’s pricier compared to Maybelline mascaras (which are pretty good as well), but as of now, Majolica Majorca is my current favorite.  This makes your lashes fuller in a realistic way when thinly applied. Add a few more, and you’ll have the “Oh haii, I’m obviously wearing mascara”-look. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Somehow, I’m enjoying the falsie look!


Look what arrived in the mail! ;-3

Candy Doll- Orange blush…….yay or nay?

Candy doll is a Japanese brand by famous Popteen model, Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon….haha


bye! :3


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