Unbearable lightness of being yuppie

10 May

Yesterday was a cold and windy day. The weather was gloomy, but not my outfit….apparently.

About the title….It’s a poem by someone I totally forgot (so screw me naoo) that alludes to Chagall’s paintings. Just so you know, Chagall’s subjects are always floating in the air. Since yesterday was soo windy and I felt like I was flying, I named this post after that poem! haha. I pretty much imagined myself as Chagall’s subject floating in a painting with a red umbrella!

 Oh, those are “lola” glasses right there……hehe

I’ve had this dress for a long time now. I bought it in a tiangge years ago, same with the sweater as well. My mom actually tried to have me give up that blue dress already, but I wouldn’t! For years, I’ve worn that dress several times, but I never got tired of wearing it. I didn’t even care if I wore it twice in a week. Yup, that’s true love right there…

  I’m amused by how different the post-processing is in every pic here! lol…Except for the first photo because it was un-edited.

And yes, a blur is a graphical effect.


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