Ripe for Picking

8 May

I couldn’t believe I had to take summer classes. For one thing, I won’t be able to go home. I’d have to stay in this…dorm. Oh yes, I do get homesick. There are just those times when you want to have that sunday brunch feeling with your family. I totally miss it 😦 .

Apart from that, I have this whole internal conflict going on (I must be crazy..wait, I already am…). I get pressured (mostly by myself), and there’s no way that I’d want to be “chill”. You could say that I’m a stress enthusiast. I like having so much stuff on me, so I won’t feel worthless. I have high levels of insecurity okay, and it really gets the best of me most of the time.

Since I must, must, must have something to do all the time, I’ve gotten watercolor painting to save my soul. You know that feeling when you just walk around, and admire the simple things you see? There are things that people overlook, but some could appreciate. In my case, it’s foliage…hehe. Since it’s summer, color is popping everywhere and I couldn’t help but put that image on paper. Apparently, you could say that painting is ONE of my stress relievers together with shopping and photography (…but the former is a wholly different story).

One day after class, I was singing…summer TREES make me feel fine. Also, I was admiring the foliage. (Yeah, I changed “breeze” to trees for the lulz!) So yes, this is how I came up with this. haha. I’m getting better at painting foliage, no? Imagine the girl being focused on a 1/4 aperture setting. Yes, that is how the background would look if focused like that. So, there you have it… a tree with ONE apple that’s ripe for picking!

I enjoy this sort of activity because I like the idea of creating pretty stuff. It’s funny because before I left for college, my high school teacher gave me a note saying how she hopes that I’d fill the world with beauty. I’m not sure about that, but I bet she meant it in a religious way…lol I dunno xD  Anyway, I’d love for people to see what makes me happy (a.k.a. my passions..lolwut?!)…I guess that’s beauty?

I’ve been told that the painting looks like something was spilled, and it spilled into a painting. I’m very flattered with that. You see, I take it as a compliment.


PS: Ehmahgahd…I feel so “asenso” because I placed a watermark! xD



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