Today is April 30

1 May

I find it so awkward when I write a post here. I mean, do I really have to write it as if I’m addressing an audience? It’s not like this blog post is meant to be read by the public right? Isn’t this thing supposed to be an online diary of some sort? Should I write as if I’m talking to myself? LOL. I’m so fricken confoosed right now! hehe.  Ah well, don’t mind me. I’m just over-analyzing shit again -_-

Darn, I really missed writing…Not that I enjoy writing most of the time. I’m a visual kind of person, so I tend to express myself more with images. LOL I mean, that could be guessed by now seeing how sparse my words are in every blog post while photos dominate the space! I also don’t like the idea that I might have some grammatical error somewhere in my sentences. Besides, that shouldn’t really even matter  since I use broken english and lolspeak sometimes….hahahaha…blame the LOLCATS okay!!!

This day is awesome! I also can’t believe how I decided to write about now when it’s midnight! I mean, I had shitloads of free time hours ago.

Okay,  I had to wake up early since we had a major clean-up to be done in our org room. Deim. When I saw the clutter we had to fix, I was mortified. Mortified isn’t even enough to describe the horrible feeling I felt! It looked like evil spirits inhabited those dust-infested cubbies. The whole morning was definitely a struggle between the log committee and the dust bunnies. Apart from the dust, there was SHIT everywhere. I guess, it is right to say that I meant shit in its literal form. Molds in tupperwares. YUM. Frying pans and air beds…what the hell are people bringing?! We even found files that dates back to 1999! I’m sorry, this sounds too gross. It’s quite understandable for that place to be brimming with dirt, since there is no such thing as an annual clean-up. I just want to say how I’ve never seen so much dust in my life. You couldn’t even see the floor. I’m not bragging, but that would never happen to my room. I’m a neat freak, so I clean up dirt as soon as I see it. LOL what a useless paragraph! hahaha….Oh, did I mention that we got freebies as well? Freebies totally made up for it. Also, I think it’s gross to say that I am still yet to shower after all that cleaning up…and it’s like 12am!

I was supposed to attend a jazz funk class in BP with Tin afterwards, but we didn’t push through because we were misinformed about the schedule. SAD. So, we decided to go to Greenhills for Happy Lemon. LOL. Totally made up for it. Could I just say that the long haul going there was totally worth the choco rock salt and cheese? Plus, we got to meet up with Daddy Mitchie!!! LOL made meh day.

So, I finally went back to the dorm and figured that I’m still looking for stuff to do. Then, I decided to go to Megamall. GAWD. What a total fail. Why the fuck did I even go there?! (well, it’s somewhere I could easily get to by train) It’s like infested with people. Why, of course there was a big sale going on. Oh…I never knew. Damn, I hate SM Malls….though I love their department store…lolwut?! So, I went around for a bit…bought some stuff…then here I am!

So…how was your day?

haha This is so funny. I just stuffed my whole day in one untidy little blog post. I certainly won’t bother proofreading this coz I’m awesome like that. Somehow, I just felt like actually writing about my day!…That barely happens nowadays when I’d just snap or paint a picture….but, nothing’s wrong with those either! haha

Oh, before I forget….

Here’s a photo of my hair flying, and me singing xDDD Enjoy the 50 mm 1/8 goodness!



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