No Face

17 Apr

Self-portraits don’t require you to show your face.

Done out of sheer boredom and angry creativity. Yes, I’m always angry when it comes to being creative. (lolwut?!) Angry artist? Frustrated by the fact that I don’t have a cool lens…That’s why I make do with my 50mm…which is hard to use by the way when you’re living off a self-timer and no tripod! I should buy some new gear soon…or get a new body perhaps?!…lul *cough* 200,000 php please…

Wait, I should get a new phone first since I lost mine the other day! >_<

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but most of my works scream melancholia. Everything just looks sad….—> points at doll photos, photo shoots, self-portraits….

These shots are testaments that I have too much hair! xD



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