I hate making titles for stuff like this…

7 Apr

So, this is one of those rare moments when I’d make a post dedicated to an outfit. Yes, I’m talking about…an outfit post.

About my outfit, there really isn’t much too it. It’s not like I pour out my heart or carefully think about my outfit choices. I just grab whatever feels right to wear for that day. By that, I meant the weather or the place and event.

I have to consider the place and event most especially. It would be wrong if I wear something highly inappropriate for say, school or church! Come on, I get to be conservative too! :3

For this hot summer summer’s day, I decided to wear a jumpsuit since it’s something I consider breezy. The whole thing seemed bare to me, so I decided to throw in a white and black cover-up as well. The cover-up was kind of unnecessary, but I’ve been itching to wear it out ever since I bought it. I just wore my brown loafers to complete my so-called laid back look.

It I don’t really have much plans for this day apart from having coffee with my mom and brother. Afterwards, we just went to church since it was my mom’s birthday. So yes, this was how my outfit affected my day. Oh!… I forgot to mention how my mom kept on commenting how “old” I dressed! xD

FYI: Oh yes, I do take my own pictures … minus a tripod! Well, I do have a tripod, but I don’t like fixing it up after. It’s much easier if I rest my camera on top of something!

Till next time!



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