The Stepford Wife

3 Apr

Ever since I watched The Notebook, I’ve incorporated retro into my wardrobe. I fell in love with the fashion, being the girly-girl that I am, and I guess it helped that Rachel McAdams pulled them all off. Since then, I’ve been piling up on 40-ish dresses, and people do point that out to me.

People would either say I look like I’m cosplaying or I look like I’m from The Stepford Wives. I’d say there’s more truth to the latter. In fact, even my mom pointed out I dress “old”.

My style really hasn’t changed much in a while…that is, when it comes to dresses. I’m extremely partial to kitschy prints, unique collars and A-lines. These are some elements that compose a vintage look.

It’s quite funny to note how I attempt on several occasions to look like a 70s hippie, but fail miserably each time! I’d always end up looking like a Stepford Wife. Hey, at least I could now define my style!

Till next time!



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