Watercolor Painting

2 Apr

Throughout the whole semester, I’ve been itching to paint. I couldn’t really find the time. Besides, the dorm isn’t really a conducive environment for inspiration. Schoolwork and extra-curricula are gaining up on me, leaving me with less energy to do little things that I want. Not that I don’t enjoy school and all the extra stuff! It just so happens that there’s always something missing with the things that I want to do…one of which is painting!

Finally, my very short summer break arrived! So….

Yesterday, I bought art materials necessary for painting. Seeing that my old paints are dry, and my old brushes destroyed, I just had to buy new ones! For starters, I had to follow step-by-step instructions on watercolor painting from I book I also bought :-).  I got to learn techniques like wet-on-wet, variegated washing and lifting out of color! I was totally keen on learning painting. After all, it’s what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time. I’ve always thought that painting is very time consuming, but I realized that it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or longer than an hour….that is…for watercolor painting! Acrylic painting is a different story!…<-Might dwell on that some other time!

The end result:

What do you think?…

Also, I decided to upload this on my deviantart along with some old paintings which I failed to upload for so long!

Till next time!



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