My resin child is here!!!

31 Mar

I’ve always been jealous of other BJD** owners who finally got their resin friends. They’d always take un-boxing photos to commemorate that glorious moment when they would first lay eyes on their precious doll. Now, it’s my turn! I finally picked up my package in the Bacolod Post Office. I had it shipped to Bacolod because it is definitely no hassle at all unlike the retarded sharks in the Pasay City customs office. I only paid 40 php and they didn’t even inspect my huge-ass package. Could I just say how fortunate I am to have it shipped here?!

Okay, so moving on…..

I finally get to take my own un-boxing photos!!!!!!! I honestly felt like this moment was never going to come since I had to wait 6 weeks for my doll to be made. I ordered my doll at I’ve been stalking that site ever since I could remember, and finally….I got to have one of their dolls. Speaking of which, I chose Tender Shall. I got a doll with half closed eyes because it gives off much expression rather than a regular wide-eyed one. Also, I was just plain drawn to this model!



Now, I present to you:

Leila Selene


So, this is it for now! I shall post in Leila’s life story with photo editorials some other time….



**Click link to know what a BJD is…



One Response to “My resin child is here!!!”

  1. lissy April 5, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    the doll scares me a lot! haha love ur blog ning owesome.. kryz uy is on wordpress too O_O

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