Bad hair day…

31 Mar

If photographs could speak for themselves, perhaps it could go like this….

My hair is so big…it’s probably full of secrets…

Can’t do anything about it now…but, I might have an idea…

I’ll wear a hat!

Forgive the lame-ass captions! haha

So basically, this was how the first half of my day went last Mar. 28. I spent the whole morning trying to blow dry my hair tame. Apparently, my efforts were in vain which is why I decided to wear a hat out.

On a totally unrelated note:

Just so you know, I love taking pictures…to death! Not even kidding about that one. I find it cool how you want to say many things, but could let it all out in one picture. It’s like letting people experience how you see things. Like poems, it’s open to any interpretation! Don’t get me wrong though. I also love to write which is precisely why I started this blog. Still, it turns out to be a photo blog at times although I do try to write more in every post! Perhaps, I should write a formal post some time…not the kind with multiple dots…..yup, like this xD



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