I used ink. and it was hard.

28 Mar


I’ve been doing some ink sketches…it’s been a while, since I’ve made my last sketch. Too bad I don’t have a scanner. I really do wish you guys could see the details of my etching and sketching so you could critique!

I call these my “Lonely and Sexy girls in White Shirts” series….haha. If you guessed right, I just made that up right now but, seriously…I’m going to make more of this series…so, expect more sketches of girls wearing only white shirts…..hurrr…sounds wrong in some sort of level, but I shall carry on!

Random caption…what was I thinking?! Well, that black thing over there really is a hole…and…she’s in a sexy pose…so yeah…

Couldn’t think of any caption for this….Hmmm…Let me think of one now!….Ah! This is, “I don’t need you, because I turn myself on”…lolwut?!

So far, I’ve only done two, and I’ve been accomplishing them during class hours. That means, I don’t listen in class…ssssh! Sketching is my coping mechanism whenever I feel drowsy in class. Anyway, I should practice more so I would get better. I haven’t really improved my drawing skills since high school. So sad, for a Fine Arts major.

Sorry for my weird-assery….such a creep aren’t I?



One Response to “I used ink. and it was hard.”


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