7 Photography Projects (a.k.a. stuff that could give meaning to my life)

9 Mar

For the longest time, I’ve been pondering upon what I should do with my life. By that, I meant doing things other than school and err…dance. Yes, I’m bored and I think that life isn’t worth living anymore <—lolwut?! Luckily, I don’t have to kill myself just yet!  One day, fate made me click this link called, 7 Photography Projects. These “projects” were designed to inspire people into taking more creative photographs.

That’s a very bored weirdo right there….what is she doing?…


So now, I have seven projects to consider…starting with:

1. 365 Days

This is the most popular photography project on this list. Basically, you just have to take a creative self-portrait everyday for a year. There are also variations to this. You could have one theme for  365 days, or you could just take photos of anything everyday for a whole year.

**This seems fun to me, but it pretty much requires commitment. Also, it seems like a lot of people are doing this already, and I want to try something different.

2. 52 Photowalks

This is a project wherein you take pictures of a certain landmark, spot, or place. The goal is to discover something new about that place or simply to just get out of the house and visit new places.

**This is really interesting, and fun. It would definitely be nice to just get around, get lost, and find something new. Then again, I don’t really have the passion for photographing landscapes.

3. 100 Strangers

Now, this project is the scariest on the list. This requires you to approach a stranger, ask them if you could take their picture, and have a little chat as a backstory. You have to do this a 100 times. Despite the amount of guts required, this is a great project to jumpstart your creativity and your social skills!

**This is really interesting! I’m actually considering this one. It seems like a wild and bold thing to do! I’ve never heard of this before, and most people probably haven’t too. It’s unique, and I think I might learn something from this kind of project.

4. A-Z

This is quite simple. You just have to take a photo of something that starts with or represents the letter of the alphabet for that particular day.

**This seems kind of a downer for me. It may get interesting, but it’s too simple for me. Besides, it only lasts for 26 days 😦

5. Pick-a-something

You have to choose a theme for the day and then you take photos surrounding that theme all day long. For example, you chose to take pictures of blue things, then you may only take pictures of blue things for that day. The goal is to give you a new perspective on ordinary things.

**I get lazy doing one thing for a whole day. So yeah, this is an “X” for me.

6. Go Mono

You have to take black and white photos for a month. It aims to train your eye as to what would look good in black and white.

**My response is simple: It’s boring. xD

7. Scavenger Hunt

Someone will make a list of things for you to photography. Yep, that’s it. Again, the goal is to make you see ordinary things differently. You could do whatever with the list as long as it’s creative!

**This is really cool! I guess it would be great to have someone think of stuff for you, and it would all boil down to how you’re going to interpret that list. This goes under my “maybe” column.


Pretty cool list right?! These are things that I’d probably consider doing during summer. Hopefully, I’d finally be able to make up my mind, and save myself from boredom.

Till next time…



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