Using light to my advantage

6 Mar


Being a dormer without a tripod and no aesthetic places to shoot, I find it hard to take self-portraits. I’d have to ask a friend to shoot with me, but that isn’t always possible. One day, I decided to make do with what I have…

I took this shot of myself lying down with one hand holding my bulky SLR over my head. In that dangerous position, you might think that I’d drop my camera on my face any moment now. Luckily, I’m blessed with steady hands…so, fear not! Anyway…that wasn’t the point! xD


The Set-up:

Study lights

Me lying down

>I kid you not<

I figured that with proper lighting, you could get away with anything. The study lights aiming at my faced helped a lot in improving the shots composition.¬† The only things I had in this set-up was my bed, our study lights and my unmade up self. The only thing artificial about this is the post-processing (i.e. the color/tone). Not much was done with the editing involving the lighting….since, the photos were quite bright already.



I really like playing up the brightness in photos. Having shots slightly overexposed may be undesirable for some, but it is just a matter of taste. For me, this is the aesthetic I like when it comes to photos. Why? A well lit set-up is generally flattering for most people…which is why I loathe taking shots in a dimly lit environment.

PS: I will never upload a close-up shot of myself in a high resolution (or anyone’s for that matter)….Lighting could only do so much! xD



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