*cough* I’m not a hippie.

1 Mar

I woke up feeling very heavy today. I couldn’t breath through my nose, and my throat itched like hell. My head was pounding and my muscles ached. That’s the flu acting up…Still, I managed to muster up the energy to change and drag myself to class!

Today, I wore a maxi dress. Why? Well, I wanted to look/feel hippie because I was so inspired when I watched my friend in “Hair.” Apparently, the hippie vibe is a miss. I still look preppy, don’t you think? Ah well, I don’t regret wearing this because it feels so comfy…I might actually be starting to go in a maxi skirt/dress-wearing phase.

(credits to my dollfie-like friend KHIM for the pics)

-post processing by me…go on, it’s okay…you could tell me if I suck!-

I find it funny on how I’ve been getting violent reactions with my outfit. People go, “Whoa! Your dress is long!”. They should actually congratulate me for wearing something past my knees. Anyway, I actually understand how it’s rare to see people wear a skirt past their calves these days. In my opinion, I think this hemline is quite interesting. I was quite hesitant to wear this since this has been hiding out in my closet for a while. I still stuck with it because I’m adventurous like that! :3



2 Responses to “*cough* I’m not a hippie.”

  1. whatisnix March 1, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    my love is so gondo gondo talaga
    i miss you my love

    • marialeonila March 1, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

      I’m so kilig naman…I feel so lost without you…hayz.
      You joining the Glee gig on Mar 7?

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