Now that’s over with…

28 Feb

I’m quite certain that I’m not the only one who has be having withdrawal symptoms from our year-end concert. After all those late nights and cramming from training, it would feel so odd to suddenly find yourself doing nothing. I swear, I never even knew I had this much free time had I not been training with CADS. Yes, I’m complaining! It’s quite odd to see the sun still up after all your classes when you’re so used to going home late at night. Seeing there’s no use wandering aimlessly around campus, I decided to retire to my dorm. Oh god, the only time I went back to the dorm was during bedtime alone! Now, I get to hang out in my room…for the freakin first time!

As I look around the corning hoping to find something to do, I found my dusty tablet. So yeah, I decided to brush up on my art skills. Oh god: FAIL. I was SO frustrated with myself. Shame on me as an ID major…

Here take a look 😦

I know I should really find time to work on my art skills…being busy really isn’t an excuse now is it? 😐

I guess, I now know what to do with all my spare time!…

*geeks out*



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