The day I furiously shot people…

20 Feb

I swear, a 50mm lens is beautiful. It is after all designed to further showcase your subject, because well, it is a portrait lens. At the price of 5000php, it is a godsend to poor people like me xD.  It’s just too bad that I don’t have the time to go out and buy one for myself. Luckily, a friend let me borrow hers and I spent the day snapping at random people. In this case, I was taking shots of some of the CADS jazzers. Too bad I didn’t get to take shots of them all 😦

Apart from showcasing the lovely 50mm lens and the beauty of the jazzers, I’m also trying to practice my post-processing skills. LOL. As you could see, I’ve used an awkward combination of green and warm hues xD

LOL. Okay I admit, this is kind of funny…’s like a jazzer portrait photo bomb…because…IT IS…or is it? (okay lol, I’m confusing myself nao)

The focal length is fixed already so I could only take shots at a certain distance. The downside, I couldn’t take a decent shot of myself while holding the camera at arm’s length….proof:


So, What do you think of my skills?



2 Responses to “The day I furiously shot people…”

  1. whatisnix March 10, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    WAAAHH this was so long ago but this is the first time I’m seeing this!
    I be stealing my picture and making it my FB PP, kz?
    Also did you customize your CSS here? I’m totally stalling from the shitload of work I have to do by roaming around your wordpress.

    I miss you. -____-

  2. marialeonila March 10, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    Go ahead my love…haha I’d be honored!
    No, I can’t edit with CSS here…dba u have to pay for it?
    I just made graphics and used it as links 😐

    *cries* Ning2x misses u…

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