An accident waiting to happen

19 Feb

That, is a charger in a socket (no duh!).

Each time someone tries to pass this way, they always take care to look where they’re going. Why? Well, for sure, it couldn’t be that charger wanting to make them fall over. haha. It’s just so funny how I see people try not to trip on that thing! ahoho.

I was actually trying to take pictures of people crossing over the wire, but I think I did it too obviously…now, some people even stood there long enough as if to pose xD

Now, I just look like a creep taking photobooth shots of other people’s feet! 😦

I’m sorry I’m bored, but I should be doing better things apart from blogging about the joys of wanting to trip people. Oh, did I mention it’s 31 degrees out here?!

Location: JSEC

Status: Forever Alone, unproductive

Mood: Bored



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