Under Construction

4 Feb

Okay, so just because I’m able to set up a url, fix the template and tweak the designs of my blog a bit doesn’t mean it’s fully constructed….or is it?

Anywho, I’m so glad I’m actually able to start a blog alone. READ: —>lazy

This time, I’d actually stand by this online journal of mine. I promise I won’t abandon this blog even if I had 0 readers a week.

Besides, it is a good discipline for myself since I needed something to do with my life. Blogging is quite a small step, I must say.

I’ve been a blog reader since I was 12. Take note: READER. Over the years, I’ve noticed how blogging started going mainstream. Being hipster at heart, I disliked mainstream, so I avoided making my own. lol. I still enjoyed reading blogs though! I admit, I had a couple of blogs that were quite a fail since I ignored them in a span of a few weeks…

Fast-forward to 2011.

Me: I need to do something with my life.

Friend: Start a blog.

Me: ….

Yes, I was iffy in starting one because I’ve started getting this idea that blogging is starting to sound pretentious already….Mostly because blogs have been sprouting around like mushrooms. I miss the good old days when people didn’t even know what a blog was. >shoot me now I’m hipster< (note: I hate hipsters…a paradox…wew)

For the love of doing something, I started one anyway. hahaha. I’m getting confused myself. Also, this is  some sort of diversion from that presentation I’m dreading!

Let me commemorate this historical moment with a photobooth shot:

That is the herp-derpiest face of someone who spent hours setting up this blog rather than finishing her powerpoint. -_____-

PS: I’m not alone, and I’m trying to be nonchalant with my poses lest people think I’m nuts.

(Why yes, That is a gay little flower sitting on my head)

-sincerely, Ning2x


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